photo(2)Independent psychology practice in Littleton since 1991, providing a broad range of psychological services to  adolescents, adults, couples and families. Expertise in individual, couples and family therapy, as well as post-divorce adjustment issues.

A brief therapy intervention model, using cognitive-behavioral techniques, is offered.

Motivated individuals seeking to change disruptive behaviors, emotions and thought patterns are able to significantly resolve or alleviate problem areas in eight to twelve therapy sessions.

Various types of evaluations  and diagnostic services are offered: mental health evaluations; full-scale psychological evaluations and personality assessment; disability and PTSD; Child and Family Investigation; Parental Responsibility Evaluations.

Therapy Services

ManInDistress Individual psychotherapy:

 Individual counseling can help you to identify and change maladaptive patterns of thinking and behavior that interfere with your relationships with others in your home and work settings.

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CoupleHappyCouples Counseling:

In most situations, motivated couples can learn to renew and heal their relationship in eight to twelve therapy sessions.  Assistance is provided in developing more adaptive communication and conflict-resolution skills, and creating a mutually nurturing, revitalized relationship.  In repairing relational bonds, you will experience a greater capacity to thrive and find joy and fulfillment in life.   see more

PensiveWomanDivorce and post-divorce adjustment therapy:

 Post-divorce adjustment therapy is designed to help individuals with the emotional turmoil experienced during and after divorce. With help, you will be able to improve self esteem, develop a positive support system, and re-establish your identity as someone who can experience joy, fulfillment a happiness in life.   see more

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