Therapy Services

Individual psychotherapy:

Individuals often come into therapy for the following reasons:

Ÿ  ● depression and/or anxiety

Ÿ  ● experiencing emotionally painful life changes and have a desire for new direction

Ÿ ● need effective relational or emotional coping skills to cope with home/work stress

Ÿ ● feel trapped in a current job or relationship

Ÿ ● have a desire to change old patterns of thinking and behavior that no longer work

Ÿ ● feel a need to deal with issues related to their family of origin or extended family

Ÿ ● have a desire to clarify confused or ambivalent feelings

Ÿ ● are feeling overwhelmed by feelings of dread, tension or anxiety

Ÿ ● are experiencing feelings of grief, loss, abandonment, hopelessness or despair

Ÿ ● are struggling with guilt over past or current behaviors

● substance use or abuse is interfering with relationships at home or work


Couples Counseling:

Couples often seek counseling because they:

Ÿ   ● experience a lack of emotional and/or physical intimacy

Ÿ  ● are frequently angry and involved in power struggles

Ÿ  ● are unable to compromise and negotiate effective decision making

Ÿ  ● are stuck in old, ineffective patterns of communication

Ÿ  ● have a lack of shared interest, activities or values

Ÿ  ● are seeking premarital counseling and guidance

Ÿ  ● are having affairs outside of the relationship

● are struggling with issues of jealousy or feelings of neglect

Ÿ  ● are considering a separation or divorce

Ÿ  ● have a desire to rekindle romance and a deeper connection


Divorce and post-divorce adjustment therapy:

Individuals with adjustment problems during or after divorce may seek therapy for the following reasons:

Ÿ  ● situational anxiety or depression secondary to major life changes

Ÿ  ● feeling overwhelmed, confused, abandoned, or a sense of failure

Ÿ  ● grief and loss, and anxiety about the future

Ÿ  ● intense anger and feelings of revenge against the partner

Ÿ  ● sleep deprivation and poor appetite

Ÿ  ● worries about the adjustment of children and how to support them

Ÿ  ● difficulties with concentration, lack of clear thinking, problems with decision making

Ÿ  ● problems with self esteem and identity

Ÿ  ● lack of support systems

Ÿ  ● difficulty in working effectively with your partner or attorney in making decisions


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